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Inquiries for tickets

All ticketing enquiries can be made via the following
TEL: +81 50 3786 6615
(10:00am -6:00pm JST)

Inquiries for matters unrelated to tickets

TEL: 0570-05-2019 (9:30am -6:00pm JST, excluding weekends and national holidays)
*This phone number's connectivity is limited to calls from Japanese phones. If you are located outside of Japan or do not own a Japanese phone, please send your inquiry via email. Email: info@japanrugby2019.or.jp

About Oita Sports Park

Oita Prefecture is home to a sports park for residents to readily enjoy sports and other recreational activities, located in the hilly Matsuoka and Yokoo suburbs of Oita city. This comprehensive athletic park is used for a variety of local and international events, including the 2002 FIFA World Cup and 2008 National Sports Festival. The hilly Matsuoka and Yokoo areas feature many wooded areas, and this area has been visited as a “rural mountain” since ancient times. The area still maintains its rural mountain feel. A plan was created to set up a facility here, while maintaining the rural mountain feel as much as possible. This was a fundamental part of the planning for the park. These facilities were designed with the natural environment in mind, attempting to maintain as much of the valley as a habitat for the animal and plant residents as well as striving to restore the rural mountain forests by making use of the trees that were currently growing in the area already as much as possible. Effort was concentrated on making use of the restorative power of nature when restoring the rural mountain forests. While the park may not be as showy as city parks in other cities, the goal was to create a peaceful space like the familiar rural mountain forests of old. *”Rural mountain” refers to a forest used since ancient times by local residents in their everyday lives. Rural mountains continue to be deeply linked to agriculture, including the gathering of wood, the use of fallen leaves as fertilizer, and the gathering of nuts and mushrooms.

Overview of the Facilities

Prefectural-run urban park
Total Area
253 hectares
Yokoo, Oita-shi, Oita-ken and other areas
Oita Sports Park
Showa Denko Dome Oita (Comprehensive Stadium), Showa Denko Outdoor Stadium (Secondary Stadium), Showa Denko Field (Field Event Area), Showa Denko Soccer and Rugby Field (Soccer and Rugby Field), Showa Denko Stadium (Baseball Stadium), Showa Denko Tennis Court (Tennis Court), Multipurpose Sports Field, Large Grass Field, Multipurpose Open Area, Rest Area
Mount Takao Nature Park
Fureai Area, Children’s Area, Flower Viewing Area, Trim Area, Woodland Area, Camping Area, and more
Hosted Events
2002 FIFA World Cup, 2008 National Sports Festival, and more
9 am to 9 pm (Closed on Thursdays)
Approx. 5,055 spots
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